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One of my loves

My life  is so good. I am hungry right now, but I will have a bagel soon. Two little ones are sleeping, and I am about to do that myself . I am such a bad babysitter, I always sleep on the job. :) 

   I am extactic to hear about Shanna being pregnant. It just makes me feel good and want to smile. Because I knew her before she was pregnant and I talked to her about it and I knew how much she wanted a baby. And now she is going to have one even sooner. 

   I actually just wanted to update to let the three friends that I have on livejournal know that I am not a total wench for not updating. I don't like it when people are like me and never ever update. But, that's life, get used to it. haha. I sound like a B, but I don't mean to.

     I will update later, sometime later.... but for now my sleep is calling me. Baby's don't sleep forever you know. :)


Forever love the love i am giving to you because it will soon end, but my spirit will go on forever.

wow, I am so tired.

Oh my gosh, today was great. A busy day, but it was a good day. I had alot of fun at the library, got alot of stuff done and now I am super tired. It still surprises me how much time it takes to be online. And my computer is fast! I can't imagine those people that have dial up. I feel sorry for them. 

Anyway, I must go to bed before my eyes close right now.

goodngith :-)


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